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10 Cross Stitcher Gifts They Won’t Already Have

How you ever met a cross stitcher (or embroiderer of any kind) who is shy about buying supplies for her “stash”?

Me neither!

You want to support her craft or hobby but you don’t want to buy something she might already have – and then have to return – then get a gift card so she can buy what she REALLY wants … Phew! No one wants to gift a part time job.

I guarantee there is SOMEthing on this list she doesn’t have yet and will love forever if she got it. 

Watch this video to skip all the words and see demonstrations of some of these fun and creative gift ideas.

Or, keep reading below.

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Travel Scissors / Clippers

These tiny clippers are perfect for traveling. They’re approved by TSA for travel within the US. Tiny enough to fit in any embroidery bag, these scissors will cut through the thickest yarn – even leather. They’re available in 6 colors and can be purchased as a necklace and with a stitch marker (for knitters). 

I bought a purple one with the stitch marker charm (even though I don’t knit) and a blue one for my Mom! (Shh – she won’t get hers until Xmas). 

Only available on Etsy at The Sexy Knitter. It took her 4 years to find a manufacturer that would make them with the pointy tips and would still cut. 

Use coupon code “TeamSexy” for 10% off anything in The Sexy Knitter.

3-in-1 Needle Threader



Ok, ok, you’re favorite stitcher might already have a needle threader, but does he have a different needle threader for different kinds of needles and threads? 

I like this needle threader because it is WAY more sturdy than those cheap “coin” needle threaders you find everywhere, and it works for just about everything. It can handle small or medium threads, all the way up to thick yarn. I’ve even used it on a sewing machine – very handy!

Find it on Amazon.

DMC Stranded Cotton Shade Card



This one is SO important.

If you’re not familiar with hand embroidery, you may not know that DMC is the biggest manufacturer of embroidery floss. There are several types of floss with different textures and literally hundreds of colors!

You might want to change up the color of a dress, and to get just the right look, you’ll need to know the number of the color that is the next shade down. That’s where this tool comes in.

Each page is divided into colors in the same family, irrespective of the numbers. The version offered here contains the 35 new colors introduced in 2017, the Light Effects series, and the Metallic Pearl threads. 


A little peek at the DMC Stranded Cotton Shade Card

Don’t be stingy with this gift and get the inexpensive version. That one has the pictures of the colors printed on the card and since light can vary significantly, you can never be sure what that color will look like in real life.

You will want THIS version, available on Amazon, with real threads attached to the cards.

Magnifying Glass with LED Light



This is one of those gifts that you didn’t know you needed until you had it. I regularly use white LED lights while I’m cross stitching because it helps me to see details better and brings out the colors so I can be sure they’ll look good under any light.

The magnifier is especially helpful if your stitcher likes to make tiny stitches. And embroidering on linen cloth can be trying on the eyes since you have to count every fiber.

The model I use is no longer available, so I picked this one out based on a few of factors:

  • 3-in-1 means it’s useful in many different environments

  • Great Reviews

  • Hands-free – vital for stitching!

Whether you buy this or another lighted magnifier, your favorite stitcher will sigh with relief.

Stitchable Mesh

Every now and then, people get bored with stitching on plain cloth. I’ve stitched on everything from baby shoes (Amazon) to bracelets to bookmarks. There’s a new trend of stitching on tulle. That shit is so delicate, it BREAKS every third stitch. No, thank you!

The answer is stitchable mesh – still get that see-through, delicate look with the a sturdy, metal medium.

Bonus: it’s reversible! One side is silver and the other side is gold. 

It’s a bit more difficult to stitch on than regular aida cloth or linen, so I recommend this for the confident stitcher. 

It’s gorgeous! 

Audible Subscription

At first, this makes NO sense, right? What do audiobooks have to do with cross stitch?

Every stitcher I know complains about trying to watch TV while stitching. They don’t mind sitting next to their stitching buddy and floating along, not really watching what the other person has on TV. But it’s frustrating to try to pay attention to a movie or TV show you actually want to watch while stitching.

Audio books entertain that part of her brain that might not be busy with stitching, and she can happily listen along without taking her eyes off the fiber art.

I have had an audible account for years now and have listened while stitching, but also in the car and at my desk job (on those less-stimulating days). The service has recommended several books I enjoyed immensely, and that I would never have known about looking on my own.



DIY Christmas Ornament



Ever heard of an ort jar? Stitchers sometimes save their leftover threads. The word ort is lovingly thought of as an acronym for “old ratty threads” or “odd random threads” or other variations. It originally came from Middle Low German and means leftover, as in food leftovers. 

A sentimental gift would be to collect all the orts from the year and place them in a clear holiday ornament. You could add a pretty label with with the year.



Giant Cone of Embroidery Floss





I know what you’re thinking: “OMG, no one would EVER use that much embroidery floss!”


I’ve been stitching for over 30 years and I regret not getting one of these sooner.

Each cone is for 2,270 yards of DMC Six Strand Cotton Embroidery Floss. They’re available in a large variety of colors and many can be found on craft stores websites. You probably won’t be able to walk into your local Joann’s fabrics and find one.

So let’s math this out:

1 Cone = 2,270 yards for about $45 (US). That’s $0.020 / yd (US)

1 Skein = 8.7 yards for $0.56 (US). That’s $0.065 / yd (US)

That’s a 70% savings!

Get the black DMC #310 – from Amazon. It’s the most common color across patterns.




Give the Gift of Organization





I LOVE my brand new Small Floral Storage Box from DMC. It has a bunch of little spaces for needle, scissors, floss bobbins and thimbles, all on a tray that pulls out to reveal a larger storage space underneath for larger supplies like fabric and patterns. I use it every single day.

See my ORTs? 





For other fantastic organization ideas, click here.



Limited Edition Gold Thread





I’m not talking about gold colored thread – I’m taking about thread made with real gold.





Only 17,460 Golden Skeins available world-wide, featuring a 24 carat gold wash. Each are individually numbered and includes a certificate of authenticity. They come in a luxury box embossed in gold leaf, packed by hand and including a 24-page book telling the rich story of DMC’s 270-year history.





This is the ULTIMATE gift for the stitcher who must have all the threads.

Get it from DMC.



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