8 Reasons to Join the Notorious Nook VIP Club

1. Get instant 20% off coupon that can be used right now.

2. You’ll get access to exclusive free patterns. And previews of new patterns before they become available to the public.

3. Get updates when I publish new, in-depth articles. Everything I write, record, and create is aimed at helping you level-up your cross stitch.

4. It’s totally free.

5. You can easily reply to any email to talk to me personally or ask questions.  I do read replies and use them to create the best possible new content. I hate spam as much as you, so you’ll never get it from me.

6. Alerts for the next giveaway will be sent directly to your inbox.

7. It’s worth testing out to see if you find it useful. Just want to visit the site instead? You can easily unsubscribe with one click.

8. Subscribers are smart, good-looking and crafty people. I’d pick you for my zombie apocalypse survivor’s commune right now.

Bonus Reason #0:

My stitching buddy, the indomitable puppy Daisy, thinks you should join.

Cute tan and white Beagle-Mix puppy laying on the floor

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