3D Retro Cross Stitch Letter F

3D Letter F Assembly

Welcome to the 3D Letter F video assembly instructions page. This is like nothing you’ve stitched before!

First, thank you SO MUCH for purchasing a Notorious Needle cross stitch pattern! If your Letter F Pattern is made with different colors, you’re still in the right place. 

You need to know CROSS STITCH and JOINING STITCH to complete this pattern.

Never stitched with plastic canvas or perforated plastic before? If not, you’ll want to check out the

Guide to Cross Stitch on Plastic Canvas


In it, you’ll learn the Joining Stitch, which you need to make this pattern. You’ll also walk through the different types of plastic canvas and perforated plastic, the Overcast Stitch, plus tips for stitching and cutting.


In the video below, I’m using clear perforated plastic by Darice. You can find it on Amazon here:

Your pattern is already complete and you don’t have to watch this video to assemble it. I just like spoiling you. 💙

This video was made just for you. 😎 So please don’t share the link. Instead, show your friends the Notorious Needle Shop, so they can get in on the fun! It helps me create more amazeballs patterns like this one.

Sit back in your comfy chair and watch how to put this 3D Letter F together.

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