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Fabulous Fred the 3D Cross Stitch Unicorn Project


Meet Fabulous Fred!

This is a 3D cross stitch pattern with video course that will take you step-by-step through how to assemble Fred so that your finished project looks just like the picture.

Your friends and family will gasp in delight, exclaiming “Did you MAKE that?!” Stitch him up with this DIY cross stitch pattern, using just embroidery floss and plastic canvas.

Fred stands at
– 3-inches long
– 0.6-inches wide
– 3.6-inches high.

You should already know how to cross stitch.

by Sarah Leal
Course Duration: 1h 01m


  • Step-by-Step Video Assembly Instructions
  • Downloadable PDF pattern
  • Cross stitch pattern grids for 12 Pieces
  • DMC Floss Color Key
  • DIY Thread Sorter
  • Step-by-Step Picture Assembly instructions
  • Subtitles and Transcripts of each video for the hard of hearing.
  • BONUS: Overcast and Joining Stitch Video Tutorial
  • BONUS: Turkey Work Video Tutorial


  • 1 – 8.5″x11″ sheet of 14ct Perforated Plastic
  • 1 – Size 24 Tapestry Needle
  • 4 – Skeins of 6 Stranded Cotton Embroidery Floss
  • 1 – Pair of Embroidery Scissors
  • You should already know how to cross stitch.

Course Curriculum


  • Welcome
  • Materials Needed

Making the Pieces

Joining The Pieces Together

Fred’s Finishing Touches


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