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Cross Stitch Calculator (with Video)

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Definition for Each Field Above

Use this cross stitch calculator to figure our how much fabric you need, what size tapestry needle to use and how many strands of floss for cross stitch and back stitch for your next cross stitch project.

If you don’t need one of the measurements listed, just enter 0.

Answer these above and let the calculator do all the work for you:

How many stitches high and wide is your pattern?

If you’ve got a really good pattern, this information is likely printed somewhere on the front page.

If not, look at the pattern grid. At the top and to the left of the grid, you’ll see a grid count for every 10 rows and columns, near the bold grid line. This where you find how many stitches high and wide your pattern is. 

thick grid lines on a counted cross stitch chart

What is Your Fabric Count?

The “count” of a fabric indicates how many threads (for linen and evenweave) or fabric squares (for aida) per linear inch.

If you still have the original fabric packaging, this should be printed right on the label.

If you don’t know the thread count, place a ruler over the threads and count how many stitches would fit in a one-inch row. Then add 1 or 2, just in case.

Will you stitch Over 1 or Over 2?

If you’re stitching on aida, choose Over 1.

If you’re stitching on evenweave or linen, you have a choice. Over 1 means that you will stitch your crosses over one thread per stitch. Over 2 means that each stitch will cover 2 threads. 

Generally, for counts higher than 24, you will almost always choose Over 2.

How Many Inches for the Border?

Click here for the Complete Guide to Embroidery Hoops for Cross Stitch.

The border is the amount of fabric between the stitching space and the frame. This portion of the fabric is visible after you’ve framed the project. This is easier to answer of you have some idea of how you will finish your cross stitch project. 

When in doubt, use 3 inches.


This is the “Coffee, Because Murder is Illegal” cross stitch pattern, which is available free when you become a Notorious VIP.

How Many Inches for Mounting?

Mounting is how much fabric will be taken up under the frame and/or sewing around the back of the mounting board. This portion of the fabric is invisible after you frame the project.

If you’re finishing in a hoop, use 2 inches. Find crazy easy  embroidery hoop finish ideas here.

If you’re finishing in a frame, use 3 inches. Learn to finish your cross stitch in a frame with a sticky-back mount.

Mounting Allowance

Feel Free to Adjust

The values above are a guide. Feel free to change the numbers to fit each project, or to suit your personal preferences.

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  1. To get to the cross stitch Calculator you must be signed in perhaps you should put that in your up to date video as it has taken me quite sometime to find out how On a positive note I love your patterns especially the quirky 1s that made me laugh I’m so glad I found you on YouTube which I have now subscribed too that’s for the calculator it’s helps a lot 😍😍👍👍

    1. Hi Maxine,
      Thanks for your comment! Looks like a setting was changed during the latest site update. Anyone should be able to use the calculator again now, even if they are not signed in.
      So glad it was helpful! I use it for every large project.
      Happy Stitching!

    1. Hi Kerry,
      You’re welcome! Let me know if you think of something else I could add here that would help you. 🙂

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