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Framing Cross Stitch Using Sticky Mounting Board (with Video)

The “We Stand Up to Bullies” Barack Obama Quote pattern is part of the Political Therapy Collection.

Before you begin, wash and iron your cross stitch project. Washing it removes the oils and acid transferred from your skin while you stitched it (even if you used a grime guard). Ironing your cross stitch gets the wrinkles out. This means you won’t have to stretch them out which makes mounting a lot easier!

Review the tutorial to wash your cross stitch here.

Now that your project is washed and ironed, you’re ready to begin framing.

Materials Needed

Tools Needed

Watch this video for a detailed example, or follow the instructions below.

Play Video



Step 1: Measure the Frame (Optional)

Black picture frame on a graduated gray craft board

This step is optional. If you purchased the frame brand new, the dimensions should be listed on the packaging. This is easier to use and you can skip Step 2 below.

If you’re reusing a frame like I am in the video, use the ruler to measure the inner dimensions of the frame and write that down. That is the info you need to pick the right sized mounting board.

The sticky back mounting board should be the same size or bigger than the inside measurements of your frame.

Only use ACID FREE self-stick mounting boards.

In the video, I used a sticky back mounting board from Joann’s, but I found it wasn’t very sticky. I recommend this one instead:

Step 2: Trim the Sticky Back Mounting Board (Optional)

Two hand using xacto knife to cut board along a marker line

Take your earlier measurements and add about 1/2 an inch (~ 1.25 cm) to the length and the width. This is how big to cut the backing.

Use the ruler and the marker to measure and mark on the sticky back board for where to cut.

See the video for more information. 

Step 3: Peel Off Sticky Cover

Two hands peeling protective cover from self-stick mounting board with cutting mat in background

Step 4: Adhere Cross Stitch to Backing

Two hands placing cross stitched fabric folded in quarters onto self-stick mounting board

The best way to place your completed cross stitch project onto the self-stick mounting board is to first find the center. Fold the fabric in half, rotate 90 degrees and fold in half again – just as if you were finding the center to start the first stitch. That corner is the center of your project.

Next, align the project to the mounting board so that the center corner is placed at the center of the board.

Place the cross stitch and unfold. Adjust as desired so that the project is aligned and centered. Press the fabric onto the sticky back board.

Step 5: Trim Excess Fabric

Use the scissors to cut off the extra fabric. Leave about 1/2 between the edge of the self-stick mounting board and the edge of the fabric.

Two hands trimming cross stitch project of Barrack Obama on mounting board with small embroidery scissors and cutting board in background

Step 6: Place in Frame

Framed cross stitch of Barrack Obama

This step depends on the type of frame you’re using.

My frame has simple tabs in the back that just bend down to hold the picture in place. The self-stick mounting board acts as the back of the frame. Some frames will come with a backing that has features to help it stand up or hand up.

This frame did not have glass. If you use a frame with glass, you will want to use matting between the glass and the cross stitch. This will prevent the stitches from getting squished under the glass.

Hang up and enjoy!

Yep, I misspelled Barack’s name in the test-stitched version of this project. lol After kicking myself for it, I was able to fix the pattern, but I couldn’t fix the video. It has good info, so I’m leaving it. 

Stitch on!

Try framing in a hoop instead with one of these crazy easy ideas.

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2 Responses

    1. Hi Cathi,
      Thanks for taking the time to ask! I’m SO sorry the article isn’t loading pictures correctly. There *should* be a little ad bar that shows the mounting board available on Amazon.

      I really like the PRES ON Mounting Board (PRES ON is the brand). I’ve added a new picture to this post so you can see what the packaging looks like. It’s SUPER sticky! You’ll have a hard time getting your project off this board once you press it on. My Grandma still has the 2nd project I ever stitched (I was maybe 12) and that sucker is NOT coming out of that frame. lol Lasts for years!

      Here is the affiliate link: Or you can search for “PRES ON Mounting Board” with the red and black logo.

      Let me know how you get on with it.

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