Where to Buy Supplies

Please note that some of these are affiliate links*, so I may earn a small commission if you purchase through them.


This is a great store for supplies and they ship all over the world!

Get DMC 6-Stranded Cotton Threads here*

Get 18ct White Fabric here*

Get Cross Stitch (Tapestry) Needles here*

Get a Glue Gun with Glue Sticks here*

LoveCrafts didn’t have the painter’s canvas or dressmaker pins that this project calls for in the finishing tutorial.


Get DMC 6-Stranded Cotton Threads here* – this is just a link to a general search on Amazon for DMC floss. It’s actually pretty expensive to buy just a couple of skeins of each color on Amazon, so I don’t recommend it. But it is a good place to pick up floss packs you might not find anywhere else.

Get 18ct White Aida Fabric here* – this is a LOT more aida than you need for this project. But if you use a lot of it, inch for inch I found this to be a good deal. And this is exactly the fabric that the model is stitched on.

Get Size 24 (Tapestry) Needles here*

Get a Glue Gun with Glue Sticks here*

Get a 11×14 Painter’s Canvas here* – this is the only listing I could find on Amazon for a single canvas. And I think it’s a bit pricey. I recommend picking one up at your local craft store or paint supply store instead. 

*Remember: If you use something other than 18ct fabric (or 36ct over 2), you will need a different size canvas to finish your project.

(You could use a canvas board* instead)

Get Dressmaker Sewing Straight Pins here* – you want a few pins with the smallest head you can find. 

Get Thumb Tacks here* – I’m using these white ones that will blend in and be practically invisible against my fabric when it’s done. You could also search for something fancy like “furniture tacks” or “upholstery tacks”.

Your local craft store would most likely have all of these supplies in one place. If that’s easier, download this shopping list and go shopping!

In the USA, that  is Joann’s and Michael’s.

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