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We Believe Cross Stitch-a-Long SAL – The Deets!

Inspired by You 💙

Announcing the first Notorious Needle Stitch-a-Long!

The We Believe Stitch-a-Long is made up of a collection of core human values in a gorgeous rainbow of colors, and was inspired by you, the powerful agents of change, and by your peaceful protest signs over these past four+ years. Let’s bring in a new wave of optimism and positivity for 2021! And while the work is never done, it’s nice to take a moment to recognize that you have helped to make the change we are seeing right now. 

Pre-Order for 25% Off

Pre-Order is open now! If you order before the first part of the pattern is released, Feb 19, 2021, you can save 25% After the first release, the price goes up! Hurry so you can pick out the perfect fabric and gather all the floss in time to start stitching.

What is a Stitch-a-Long?

You may have been stitching for a long time now, or maybe you’ve heard about stitch-alongs from flosstube or FaceGroup groups. But if you’re new to stitching, you may be wondering what is a stitch along. Basically, a stitch along is a bigger cross stitch project that has been broken up into smaller pieces. Each piece is released to you one at a time. So instead of this giant project that you stitch up all by yourself, you get to join an amazing community of stitchers all stitching the same pattern and (mostly) at the same time. But don’t worry, you can take as long as you want. 

You would be stitching We Believe with cross stitchers from all over in the Notorious Needle Facebook group. Cross stitchers tend to be a helpful bunch, and we’ll be sharing pictures of our progress, giving stitchy help and tips and sometimes fun new modifications to the patterns we’re stitching. I’ll be there, too, so don’t worry if you are new or you need a little bit of guidance as we go through the stitch along. And you can always get in touch with me.

After your purchase, you’ll gain access to a secret page where you can download the spec sheet and go shopping for supplies so you can get stitching from day one. You can also sign up to receive the emails for each pattern, which will be delivered straight to your inbox every 2 weeks.  

The patterns will include:

  • Photo of completed section
  • Pattern Specs and Floss Colors
  • multi-page and single-page patterns in color, one for each section
  • multi-page and single-page pattern in black and white, one for each section
  • Pattern Chart
  • Page Map
  • Floss Color Key
  • Skein length estimates for each color
  • Thread Sorter

Since this is a mystery stitch along, the picture of the complete project with the portions of the pattern that have not yet been released will be blurred out. I don’t want to spoil the surprise!

Sneak Peek!

I do have a sneak peek for you of the WeBelieveSAL so far. The first piece to be released says “We Believe” in these bright orange and red letters with a small arrow motif underneath. This part appears at the center of the larger pattern. I chose the color orange for it’s excitement and boldness to kickoff the SAL. The bottom half of each letter is offset by the more passionate burnt orange, like the glowing embers of a flame that will never be extinguished.

There are a total of 20 gorgeous shades of color used in the We Believe SAL palette. These bright, festive hues symbolize the optimism that the start of 2021 has brought with the hope that we continue to see positive change in the world.

There will be 10 parts total with one part released every 2 weeks. So every other Friday you’ll get a brand new part of this inspiring, resistance themed cross stitch pattern emailed to you as a digital download PDF file for you to start stitching right away.

  • Part 1 – February 19th
  • Part 2 – March 5th
  • Part 3 – March 19th
  • Part 4 – April 2nd
  • Part 5 – April 16th
  • Part 6 – April 30th
  • Part 7 – May 14th
  • Part 8 – May 28th
  • Part 9 – June 11th
  • Part 10 – June 25th

In addition to the center part of the We Believe SAL, the first release of the pattern will also contain the entire border, if you want to stitch that ahead of time. 

After the first part, 9 more parts will be released, one every two weeks. Each pattern can also be stitched and framed individually, so you are getting 10 patterns in one! All of the parts have been test stitched by me, so you know you’re getting a pattern that is easy and enjoyable to stitch.

STITCHED SIZES (does not include extra margin for framing):
14ct: 14.6″ x 19.3″ or 37.0cm x 49.0cm
16ct: 12.8″ x 16.9″ or 32.4cm x 42.9cm
18ct: 11.3″ x 15.0″ or 28.8cm x 38.1cm

204w x 270h Stitches

The pattern is portrait in orientation. Full cross stitches and back stitch.

I mentioned before that the pre-sale for the We Believe SAL is open now! The first release will be February 19th, and we will be stitching over 20 weeks, with the last release scheduled for June 25th and the stitch-along lasts until July 9th. If you’re joining us a little late, don’t worry, the patterns that have been released so far will be available to you all at once. And while the stitch-along officially ends July 9th, the patterns will still be available in the shop all together or separately, and you can still join the FaceBook group to share and ask questions. 

So join now to get the information you need to find just the perfect fabric and collection of floss colors so that you can get started right away when the first part is released February 19th.

A Chance to Join Free

To celebrate the first Notorious Needle stitch along, I am giving away a copy of the SAL. Just use #WeBelieveSAL in a sentence in the comments of the YouTube video below and I will pick a random winner.

Check back on YouTube on Friday, February 8th, 2021, for a quick video announcing the winner. If you win and you’ve already purchased the SAL, you can pick any other 2 patterns from the shop instead.

It’s free to enter and YouTube is not associated with this giveaway in any way.

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