Abuse Policy

This is a cruelty-free zone.

Online bullying and abuse is becoming more frequent, especially when directed at women.

In order to combat this and protect myself, I have implemented an abuse policy which is in effect for:

  • Everyone who uses this website
  • Everyone who subscribes to or reads my emails
  • Everyone who interacts with me on social media (followers or not)
  • Anyone who communicates with me about the blog for any reason

This policy applies if you reach out to me and  engage in ANY form of harassment, whether by language, bigotry, sexism, bullying, or frequency.

If this occurs, your information (as defined in the privacy policy) will be submitted to anti-bullying and online protection agencies at MY DISCRETION.

This policy is designed to protect me from bullying, and it means I do not have to interact with bullies for any reason. I am within my full rights to block anyone who is abusive on email, social media, and any other platform I choose.

I do not have to respond to bullies for any reason.

That means you will not be hearing from me because all your current and  future messages will be going straight to my lawyer.

We take bullying very seriously here, and even a minor infraction is considered a serious offense. When you get away with little things that are cruel, it often leads to bigger things.

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