Fabulous Fred

Welcome to the Fabulous Fred 3D Cross Stitch Unicorn video assembly instructions. ✨ This is gonna be magical!

First, thank you SO MUCH for purchasing a Notorious Needle cross stitch pattern!

In the video below, I’m using 14ct clear or white perforated plastic by Darice. You can find it on Amazon here (see the affiliate disclaimer here):

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Your pattern is already complete and you don’t have to watch this video to assemble it. I just like spoiling you. 💙

Sit back in your comfy chair and watch how to put this 3D Unicorn together.

Play Video

Video Time Stamps

Quickly fast-forward to the time in the video that correpsonds to which step you’re at in the pattern.

  • Begin Video 00:00
  • Intro 00:15
  • Recommended reading 00:44
  • Step 1: Cross Stitch & Turkey Work 01:23
  • Step 2: Cut out the 12 pieces 02:13
  • Step 3: Join the horn pieces 02:38
  • Step 4: Attach horn to mane 05:24
  • Step 4.5: Overcast inside of legs on Chest and Rear 09:53
  • Step 5: Connect “spine” 10:31
  • Step 6: Overcast belly and inside legs of Side One and Side Two 17:15
  • Step 7: Attach “spine” to Side One 19:48
  • Fred’s forehead and ear 25:00
  • Step 8: Attach Side Two 28:21
  • Step 9: Hair cut 29:02
  • Step 10: Add the tail 31:12
  • All done! 33:58
  • Outtakes 😉 34:24

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