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Disney’s Nightmare Before Christmas Cross Stitch Kit Review

It’s almost Halloween!! 

I wanted to try a quick, fun stitch that I could later use as gifts for friends and family.
So I decided to try out Disney’s Nightmare Before Christmas cross stitch kit.

Watch this 6-minute video to see more about this kit.

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The patterns looked fun and easy, and like they would stitch up really quick. So it looked like a perfect solution.

So let’s see what you get inside this little kit.


  • 3 pieces of white 14 count aida
  • 4 skeins of embroidery floss
    • one in yellow
    • one in orangey-red
    • one in gray
    • one in black
  • two pointy embroidery needles
  • one small black hoop
  • a pattern book

Table of Contents:

Inside this book, they go over:

  • cross stitch basics
  • supplies
  • stitching
  • 4 patterns

But when you flip through the book, there are no pictures (except for the patterns).

A lot of kits come with basic instructions about how to cross stitch, and most of those instructions contain pictures. This one doesn’t have any pictures, and without the pictures it’s going to be really hard to learn for the first time.

Can you stitch this kit with what is provided?

Absolutely! Yes, you can. Just not all 4 patterns.

There are enough materials to stitch 3 of the 4 patterns. There’s enough embroidery floss to stitch all 4 patterns, you only need a 4″x4″ piece of 14ct aida cloth to complete the last pattern.

However, I did not use their needles. Their needles are pointy and the eye is
very small. I prefer stitching with tapestry needles that have a dull tip and a very long eye so you can easily fit more strands of floss.

Also, I am 100% sure that this embroidery floss is not DMC. It’s  softer, but it frays more easily. And you’ll want to use shorter pieces so that it doesn’t fray so much that it breaks while you’re stitching.

While I was stitching, as I pulled it through over and over, little pieces kept coming off the ends of the floss. So I did have to trim the ends while I was stitching. 

Is there enough to stitch all 4 patterns?

This kit contains four simple patterns.

  1. The first pattern is a silhouette of Jack Skellington and Sally standing in front of a large, yellow moon.
  2. The second pattern is a simple picture of Jack Skellington smiling his toothy grin.
  3. The third design pictures Jack and Sally gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes.
  4. And the last pattern is a happy, lovable, undead pup, Zero.

There is plenty of floss to stitch the entire kit. In fact, I stitched the entire kit using four strands of embroidery floss on the 14 count aida. (That’s how I normally stitch on 14 count because I like a fully covered fabric square, I don’t like any of the fabric to peek through my stitches. I’m weird. lol) This embroidery floss is more fluffy than DMC embroidery floss. You really only need 2 strands, which means you can stitch all 4 patterns – twice!

Also if you want to stitch all four patterns you’re going to need to add one piece of aida cloth. If it’s 14 count, you’re gonna need 4″x4″. If you want to frame all four, you’re definitely going to need more embroidery hoops. They only give you the one plastic hoop.

A Quick and Easy Hoop Finish Idea

The embroidery hoop that comes with the kit is only two and a half inches big, which is the perfect size for each of these patterns. I could not find embroidery hoops to purchase that were exactly two and a half inches. So used three inch bamboo embroidery hoops. 

I wrapped this one in electrical tape, which my  husband had laying around in the garage. It was quick and easy, and you get the same effect as the black plastic hoop that comes with the kit.

How long did it take to stitch them? Are the designs hard?

All in all, they stitched very quickly – no more than a few hours each. The pattern of Jack and Sally together in front of the moon took the longest because you can see it’s full coverage inside.

The pattern with Jack and Sally face to face was the most difficult. Sally’s eye was a rather challenging back stitch.

Is This a Good Cross Stitch Kit for Beginners?

Would I recommend this kit for a beginner? If you’ve never cross stitched before, and you think this kit is going to teach you how to cross stitch, it will not. These patterns also use back stitch. I do not recommend this kit for a total beginner.

If you’d like to learn more about cross stitch, try my beginner’s guide to cross stitch

But if you’ve done a couple of pieces before and you’re looking to try a little back stitch, this could be fun. Again the only challenging pattern is the one with Jack and Sally facing each other. Sally’s eye is a little bit challenging but the rest of these were fun easy and they really stitched up fast! Some of them in just a couple of hours.

I definitely plan to make these into Christmas tree ornaments, and gift them as stocking stuffers for my friends and family.

Try it out for yourself. And Happy Halloween!

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