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Craft Room Tour and Organization 2020

If you’re looking for inspiration to create and organize your own craft room, or you just want a sneak peek, I hope you enjoy the tour of my happy place.

This is my first ever craft room, so there is still a lot of room for improvement. Can’t wait to do a new tour next year!

The video below takes you through every nook and cranny of my little craft room. (Except the desk. That is a HOT MESS 🔥 🚫 Way too embarrassing, maybe next year).

If you’d like to learn more about what I use to organize my craft space, keep reading. 

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Floss Organization

There are many different ways to organize your stash of embroidery floss: bobbins and boxes, the DMC Stitchbow system, and floss bags (or just plain sandwich baggies).

Bobbins and Boxes

I chose to use plastic bobbins and floss storage bins or organize my embroidery floss. They keep each skein and partial pieces neat and tidy.

My embroidery threads are organized by number. Cross stitch patterns almost always list threads by DMC embroidery floss number. So organizing my floss by number makes it quick and easy to start a new project.

When I want to create a pattern and I am looking for colors that work well together, I use the DMC Floss Color Card. (Make sure to use the one with real sample threads. The printed version is too reflective to really see the colors.)

If you prefer other types of embroidery, organizing your threads can work better. This is especially true if you’re eye-balling it.

So I use the floss number stickers to keep the floss in order. Because when you write on the plastic bobbins, the ink can rub off.

The bobbins also come in cardboard (below), which is great if you prefer to write directly onto the bobbin and save a buck or two. 🤑

Below are a couple of convenient and inexpensive sets. These are simple to use and easy to get started. One has the plastic bobbins and stickers, and the other has the cardboard bobbins.

Stitchbow System

In 2001, DMC came up with a new system of floss storage called Stitchbow. The new system allows you to store and use DMC skeins of embroidery floss, without winding them onto a bobbin! It’s a clever idea, though it hasn’t gained a lot of popularity in my little stitching circles.

You don’t even have to write the floss color numbers down. The label from the skein of floss slides right onto the label-holder (that plastic tab attached to the side of the bow). 

If you’d like to try DMC’s Stitchbow system, the links below show you two convenient Stitchbow starter bundles, and the Stitchbow roll.  

I tried the Stitchbow system, but I still prefer the bobbins. Although you don’t have to wind the skeins of embroidery floss onto a bobbin, I found that trying to use the floss straight off of the Stitchbow was more cumbersome and bulky than using a bobbin. 

Fabric Storage

If you watch the tour of my craft room, I have aida cloth EVERYWHERE. lol I keep extras in a pretty tote bag I purchased from Michael’s Craft stores. (I can’t find it, or I would add the link here. It may have been discontinued). And the aida cloth I don’t intend to use any time soon, I keep in a cedar wood chest that is probably older than I am that my Mom gave me.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your extra fabric should be kept in a dark, dry place. One of my goals this year is to pick up some acid free tissue paper to store as a protective layer around my extra fabric and unframed finishes.

Paper is made from trees, and tree sap contains acid. The acid in regular tissue paper can damage your cross stitch project – which most likely contains a lot of cotton – and it can become discolored or brittle. Acid free tissue paper works to prevent your textiles from being damaged while in storage. And it won’t tarnish your metal threads.

General Storage

I am SO lucky that I have an entire ROOM to mess around in for my favorite crafts. Whether you have a room all to yourself, or small space with just enough room to keep your WIPs, it’s useful to have a dresser or bookshelf with drawers.

We stitchers gather a lot of stitchy stuff – scissors, scraps, grime guards, needle minders – the accessories never end. Having a place to put all the little things out of site can keep your place looking tidy – so your husband will never tell you to “get rid if it”. GASP!

I love, love, LOVE IKEA furniture for this. IKEA has an amazing selection of furniture and storage solutions that use up vertical space. This is a great help if your square footage is limited.

IKEA Brimnes Bookcase
IKEA Brimnes Bookcase

If you don’t have an IKEA near you (and many of us won’t), Amazon has some comparable solutions.

Look for tall towers with drawers or shelves and avoid wide or long dressers to save floor space.

Work Bench

One last note about my little craft room. I would be no where without a wide workspace to try out all my crazy ideas (espeically for the 3D cross stitch). If you can afford the investment and you have the space, I highly recommend this adjustable workbench. 

It cranks up to nearly what ever height you want (and won’t slip back down), it comes with wheels so you can move it around, and brakes so you can keep it steady. I use mine every day.

Remember, the “perfect” craft space is the one you’ll actually use.

If you’re looking for something rally special or unique, check out 10 Cross Stitcher Gifts They Won’t Already Have. In it, I recommend and review some of my favorite items in my craft room.

Cross Stitcher Gift Ideas

Let me know if you see something you liked and I’ll try to find the link for you.

Stitch on!

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