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10 Gifts for Cross Stitch Lovers

Lovers of the craft of Cross Stitch are notorious for already having ALL the things: materials, tools and gadgets. Below are gifts ideas for cross stitch lovers that they probably don’t already have.

Watch this quick video for a brief demonstration of each of these cross stitch lover gift ideas.

In no particular order, here are 10 Gift Ideas for Cross Stitch Lovers:

1. Keychain Measuring Tape

This ruler easily clips onto your keychain or your purse and can go with you anywhere. It’s small and goes up to six feet two inches it’s especially useful for those surprise trips to the craft store.

2. Fold Up Travel Scissors

These scissors are the same size as regular embroidery scissors and they fold up to an even even smaller, more compact size. They have a loop at the top so you can hang your favorite scissor fob or put them on a necklace for convenience.

Still, if you’re going to fly anywhere, check with TSA before boarding your plane with these.

3. Embroidery Carrying Tote Bag

This bag is especially made for embroidery. It has circular pockets to fit your hoops. There’s a clear pocket in the front with elastics you can use to fit spools of thread. There’s another zipper pocket where you can put small objects, and a couple of elastic pockets. And that’s all just in the front pocket.

The main pocket inside actually has three sections. And this bag is big enough to fit a 10 inch hoop. 

With a cute design and lots of little pockets, you could it could also double as your purse.

4. Head Lamp

Also available at the same hardware store as the keychain ruler. This headlamp is great if you’re stitching in dark places. It’s very bright, has multiple lighting settings and fits comfortably on your head. It can be adjusted to look down for your stitching.

Extra points for the super cool factor! lol But when a girl’s gotta stitch, she’s gotta stitch!

5. Shiny Threads

The threads in the video are DMC’s Diamant Collection and each spool of floss has this metallic sheen to it. You can  find shiny threads by other brands like Kreinik and Sulky.

Not all shiny threads are metallic. Some of them have a satin sheen and some of them have a holographic shine. These threads really enhance the look of your embroidery and are very popular.

6. Floor Stand

Embroidery floor stands are especially useful for very large projects and for stitchers who might have a hard time hanging on to their embroidery hoop. You can find inexpensive floor stands online or even at your local craft shop craft store.

7. Thread Spool Huggers

These little thread spool huggers come in different colors and they’re useful for hugging your spool of thread. You put the the loose thread under the hugger and it keeps the loose thread from unraveling on the spool.

The thread spool huggers I found are best for larger spools of thread and they can also be used for sewing thread. They don’t have to be for just embroidery thread.

8. Snag Nab-It

A snag-whatchamacallit?

A Sang Nab-It is this needle-like device that is used to pull loose threads from the front of your embroidery through to the back. It’s got a pointy tip and screw-like threads at the end of the needle instead of an eye. It’s very useful for those random threads that might be sticking out, or for a stitch that is a little bit loose and you want to tighten it.

9. Fabric Holders

So what do you do with the extra fabric outside of your hoop? You could use fabric holders!

Basically, it’s a silicone string with a magnet on either side. Roll up your fabric from back to front and place the magnets on both sides of your fabric. It holds your fabric out of the way while you stitch!

9. Donna Kooler’s 555 Christmas Cross-Stitch Designs

This is a pattern book that has 555 Christmas cross stitch motifs,  some large some small,  and some are easily combined. My Mom, Bridget and I talked about this book in a previous flosstube video.

We’ve been stitching from it for years!

It’s still available in most online bookstores and sometimes you can find it super cheap in a thrift store.

Bonus Gift Idea: Notorious Needle Patterns!

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Stitch On!

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